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Absolutely. You can begin by reviewing the wide array of modular floor plans for the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Then, by working with our experienced sales representative we can make any necessary design and style adjustments. If you have had a plan designed by your own architect, simply send us the plan and we’ll see if it can be adapted to modular construction.

Aside from the home itself, additional expenses may include: land, site prep, foundation, upgrades, porches, finishing work, utilities, permits, taxes, fees and freight.

There are really only a few differences. Modular homes are built to the same state and local building codes as traditional site-built homes and they are set on a permanent foundation. Because modular homes need to sustain the additional stress of transportation to the permanent site and then being lifted by a crane once there, they are “glued and screwed” which makes them stronger and more durably built than traditional homes.

Modular homes qualify for the same insurance rates as traditional site built homes.

Yes. A deck, porch, sunroom or other exterior design options can also be added. Most of these features will be built on-site by your builder, but we can provide the materials so there are no problems matching your modular home.